John 1 – The Logos – A Translation

The Logos -the tangible expression of the invisible God, the sum of God, the summary, explication, description, and demonstration of the invisible God- He was there during the creation of the universe. The Logos was in union with the Father throughout eternity, in pretime. The Logos is God -the God- God Himself. He -Christ Himself- was right there with God before time and space existed. Truly, everything came into existence through His creative agency. Not one thing that has come into existence did so apart from His decision to make it so. Life -true, eternal, abundant, resurrection life- is with Him, in Him. It’s a part of who He is, indivisible from Him. This life He possesses is light for humanity, a light of revelation and transformation that makes us fully awake, fully human. This light removes your darkness and the darkness that permeates the mind and heart of all people. The darkness is unable to resist the light. It is vanquished by the undefeatable light.

John 1:1-5 (My INTERPRETIVE translation)

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