He Delights in Your Delight

“I will take delight in doing good to them.” Jer. 32:41

How do you view God? As one who takes great pleasure and has great joy in doing good for you? Or one who is looking to find a reason to hurt you? Or only does good begrudgingly?

Some of us have a tendency to think about the Christian life as a series of negative events. We start with an assumption that God has a plan for negative things in our lives. That bad or suffering is the default position in how God deals with us.

What if the work of Christ was so effective that God now looks to only ever do you good? Imagine God looking at you all the time, every moment, smiling at you, imagining new ways to give you joy. What if the suffering He did allow into your life was even given for this purpose? If you can believe this you are starting to trust Him in a new way. It makes God happy to bring good into your life.

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