Everything is Good

The problem of evil states that if God is all powerful and all good why does evil or suffering exist in the world? If evil exists then He must either be unable to stop it and therefore not all powerful or He must be unwilling to stop it and therefore not all good. There are many thinkers who have wrestled with this knot. I won’t oversimplify the issue by quickly throwing out solutions here. Instead, I want to throwout an idea that has helped me today. It’s an idea that assumes that God is all good and all powerful. We might call this idea “the position of good” in contrast to the problem of evil.

If God is in control of all things and He is good, then everything is good.

You may not be ready to accept such a crazy thought. That’s ok. I may not be able to accept it tomorrow and there have been many yesterdays where I thought it was absurd. Today, though it gives me hope. It gives me hope when the traffic is backed up, when I hit my head on the cabinet door, when my tempters defeat me, when the medical news is hard to bear… It gives me hope to believe that everything is good because He is good.

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