Don’t Pull Against the Leash

When I walk my dog, Posey, she struggles to contain her excitment. She is obsessed with every little flicker in the world: squirrels, rabbits, people, new smells. All of those things are great but she would enjoy her walk more if she would learn to pay attention to me. When she pulls against the leash her focus is on the boundaries and stretching them as far as she can. The boundaries become her borders. When she focuses on me she can forget about the boundaries and just walk.

Jesus reminded me this morning that I like to pull against the leash too. Instead of simply focusing on Him and letting Him give me my cues I am always ready for the next thing. In my mind I am panting and ready to go… Let’s go! How do you pull against the leash? How can you and I learn to just simply look at Jesus and wait for His cues… and enjoy the walk.

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